Printing Press

Fiona is an artist-printmaker based in Leicestershire. An elected member of the Leicester Society of Artists, Fiona is also a member of the Printmakers Council and the Leicester Print Workshop.

Having first studied languages and then law, Fiona qualified and worked professionally in law before leaving the profession to pursue art. Since 2005, Fiona has focused on fine art printmaking following a course at the Oxford Printmakers and now works as a full time artist out of her printmaking studio in Market Harborough.

Fascinated by our individual sense of self and how we relate to the physical world about us, Fiona revisits those quiet moments when we are perhaps most ourselves, seeking quiet and space, in time and place.  It’s not quite staring into the distance, just thinking, just being, but almost.

Fiona uses bold graphic carving and loose gestural mark-making, allowing strong patterns and subtle tones to add depth and tension as they work both with and against each other in her semi-abstract minimalist compositions.  

Texture and tone are informed and inspired by our eroded and repaired surroundings. Fiona is drawn to natural and manmade incidental marks, finding inspiration in light and shadow, patched roads, broken plaster, shifting clouds or simple lines of erosion.

For regular updates about her work and studio life, please follow her Instagram account (fionahumphreyart) or contact at [email protected] if you have a query about her work or exhibitions.